It’s not hard, but it’s not obvious either. It’s a simple 2 step processStep 1: Search for Terminal in Spotlight Search in the top-right menu bar.Step 2: Open Terminal and type the following command: defaults write location ~/DownloadsStep 3: To apply the changes, enter the following command: killall SystemUIServer (Photo credit: Wikipedia) You are done! Test it out and make sure it worked. of course you can change your “Downloads” to any other folder you’d like.
It’s never going to happen to me – right?I’m not one for doubt and I’m willing to take risks but I’m not stupid. There is one thing I’ve always said would detour me from this trip (we’d just turn around and ride the other way honestly to Venice or London) – and that’s instability in Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, or Iran. I found the map of all maps to keep an eye out on it & the terrorism that may engulf that region – Thanks ESRI
A map indicating trading routes used around the 1st century CE centred on the Silk Road. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) My previous CEO had given me a couple books (in our ongoing conversation about history) covering the Middle East and around the making of Persia. I’m the curious type, so as I was reading the Persian Fire, I caught myself pulling up the various sites in the book on google earth. It sounds obvious now, but realizing that these were real places that I could visit got my imagination
Today I sent a text to my riding buddy for this Silk Road trip that said “The emergency medicine stuff and comms we have to prepare for”. Oh Boy…Watching the first handful of episodes (the preparation episodes) made one thing clear – when shit goes wrong, you have to handle it yourself. It’s one thing to prepare for a different culture or learn how to bribe your way out of a situation – it’s another thing to have your mates life in your hands and make sure they come out of it safe and in one pie
I’ve never been one to lay on a beach and sip a mai tai for a vacation, so I’ve decided that its time for an epic trip once again and this time, it’s the silk road. I’m making plans for a trip in late spring to start in Istanbul and end the trip in Tehran. Yes, I know – doesn’t sound safe, but it’s only through four countries and none of them are officially at war with anyone. Seriously, look it up: Turkey – Georgia – Azerbijan – IranThat makes it better – right? 😏 Share this: Click to share o
Budget meeting in the Roosevelt Room February 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) For those of you who don’t want to read the White House Office of Management & Budget document discussing Obama’s Budget, CNN had a great summary:Create a $634 billion health care reserve fund: The purpose of the fund would be “dedicated [to] financing reforms to our health care system,” according to the budget outline. Among the fund’s goals would be to aim for universality of coverage and reduce the growth in insuranc
Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of friends’ stories…relationship stories, travel stories, love stories, and on and on. In listening to these sometimes ridiculous stories, commonly about spouses, I have started to think about how, and to what level, people romanticize their stories. So I’ve broken them down into three varieties:Planned Romantics People who will meticulously plan a date or a trip with their spouse. They’ll make sure that they sit in business class, make sure there is a car
Time magazine has a great article on why Virginia may go Obama…“The national headquarters of John McCain’s campaign are in northern Virginia, near the condo where he stays when he is working across the river in Washington. But McCain didn’t get around to actually campaigning in the most pivotal part of this pivotal state — exurban Prince William County — until the weekend of Oct. 18. That’s when he realized he was running about 10 points behind in a state that hasn’t voted Democratic since 1964.
No-excuse early voting in U.S. states, as of September 2007. in-person and postal in-person only postal only none (Photo credit: Wikipedia)1. Helped a Korean Women vote this morning – Her First time EVER। She seemed to be absorbing all the commercials here… Obama is going to raise my taxes and McCain is just like bus2.Called every senior home in the county and made sure they had what they needed for early voting3. taking some stickers and buttons to Senior Homes4. Found out that this county has
My facebook account was disabled yesterday, within 24 hours of me putting up the Ayers/Obama Flyers […]