Probably more than one child over the years asked a father how to handle an ominous […]
I struggle with the volume of coverage that’s produced every time a Republican announces, or even […]
President Donald Trump is showing what happens when the United States abandons its decades-long role as […]
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Budget meeting in the Roosevelt Room February 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) For those of you who don’t want to read the White House Office of Management & Budget document discussing Obama’s Budget, CNN had a great summary:Create a $634 billion health care reserve fund: The purpose of the fund would be “dedicated [to] financing reforms to our health care system,” according to the budget outline. Among the fund’s goals would be to aim for universality of coverage and reduce the growth in insuranc
Time magazine has a great article on why Virginia may go Obama…“The national headquarters of John McCain’s campaign are in northern Virginia, near the condo where he stays when he is working across the river in Washington. But McCain didn’t get around to actually campaigning in the most pivotal part of this pivotal state — exurban Prince William County — until the weekend of Oct. 18. That’s when he realized he was running about 10 points behind in a state that hasn’t voted Democratic since 1964.
My facebook account was disabled yesterday, within 24 hours of me putting up the Ayers/Obama Flyers […]
Day 1 – Obama, Manassas VA Today I started my Full time volunteering as a DFO […]