Curiosity killed the cat, luckily it just helps us grow! Here are some of my hobbies and side projects that I always want to collaborate on, learn more, and figure out how to go faster. 
Adventure Rides
Walking is too slow and driving is too fast… so why not bike your way through the world. I have a cyclocross bike that I don’t use to race (like everyone else that I know who has one) rather, I use it to take it off the beaten path and cycle though places like Alaska. 
There is nothing like it and learning to take care of one is so much easier than a car… right? I’m leanings the ins and outs of a Yamaha R6S, how to do the minor stuff and learn along the way 
Machine Learning
I have been curious how City Planning data that cities hold and wrap around in jargon could be standardized to help you make better decisions. Imagine if you wanted to buy a house, you go to Zillow or your agent and track down the properties that match your criteria. But what about all the other stuff such as zoning, development projects nearby, new district designations and so on that influence property value. How do you get to that data and more importantly, how do you read that data across cities that make it hard on you to understand all the data and decisions being made. 
Playing around with Apache NLP, SOLR and other tools.
My newest endeavor. How do you help people get to data quickly without the cost of application development and maintenance. 
Playing around with ChatScript
Contact me, I’d love to discuss these or anything else tangential.