Spark SF 2016

Spark’s mission is two-fold. We aim to increase the overall investment in women’s organizations around the world and we aim to increase the number of young people who give to women’s causes now and plan to continue in the long-term.

Our Values:

  • We believe that investing in innovative, grassroots, women-led organizations can transform communities.
  • We believe that investing a combination of money, time and connections can have catalytic results.
  • We believe that the aggregation of small gifts can have an impact on intractable problems.
  • We believe those addressing women’s equity and human rights should be diverse.


Obama for America 2008, Deputy Field Officer, Manassas VA

Responsible for the GOTV operations in Manassas, VA. In addition to traditional duties, our team coordinated rally’s, hiring volunteers and working with local HS teachers and organizations to get students involved in political campaigns.

Responsible for building and managing the team that would run the war room for ~20 precincts in Manassas, VA. Coordinate the campaign lawyers, volunteers, and precinct captains on election day as well as any emergencies needing to be reported to federal authorities, as encountered by voters. 


Wesley Clark for President 2004, San Francisco Bay Area Coordinator, San Francisco, CA

The coordinator for Wesley Clark’s “C” Company, an organization geared toward the politicization of potential youth voters. Organized and ran recruiting events, fundraising campaigns, and outreach activities to bring a new generation into the political fold, helping drive new voter turnout. 


Ross Perot for President 1992, Volunteer, Concord, CA

In charge of managing and coordinating the delegates for Ross Perot in the California Republican Party. Assured the right delegates got sent to the right location, managed tickets, and roll call.