For those of you away and wonder what is being sent to Voters in Virginia…  
I started my day in Manassis for a couple hours but I had to go to […]
Day 1 – Obama, Manassas VA Today I started my Full time volunteering as a DFO […]
Politico’s Daily Emails has a small note on this… YA CAN’T MAKE IT UP — Politico’s […]
A few friends have asked me about my DFO Training by the Obama Campaign last month and I thought I’d share two observations:Obama Camp is designed to do more than allow me to hit the ground running when I start working for Obama, it was a primer for running our own campaigns or helping run other people’s campaigns and helping drive the movement for this election and future elections. If you don’t know this already, this is a movement not an election. The Obama Camp has been working very hard to
Every once in a while, you are forced to stop and say WTF? Here is what […]
Would Barack Obama have had the opportunity to run and be heard if it wasn’t for […]
To be clear, we are all in support of the best candidate. We are all in […]
Obama will take Ohio and Texas after winning Wisconsin! Sorry Hillary, you shouldn’t of let Kerry […]
Current TV is a revolutionary platform for communication and this one I had to post…. [youtube=] […]